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One click is all it takes to save a life

The animals need your voice to help get AB 595 passed into law

AB 595, Bowie’s Law, would require California shelters to notify rescuers before killing an animal. And given that such notifications are possible through shelter software already used by these facilities or available for free, complying would require nothing more than a stroke on a keyboard. 

One click to let the rescuers know that a life needs saving.

AB 595 is such a simple, commonsense law that it is difficult to imagine anyone opposing it. But that is what The California Animal Welfare Association, a lobbying group for the directors of kill shelters like the one who killed Bowie, is doing. Their message? Bowie’s Law makes them look bad. Better to have dead dogs and cats than let the public know about the animals they intend to kill, even if doing so prevents those animals from losing their lives. 

The animals of California, and the people who love them, deserve so much better. 

Help us ensure the passage of AB 595 by contacting California’s assembly members and urging them to do the right thing. Urge them to vote YES on Bowie’s Law.

To add your voice, click here.

Because one click on a keyboard is all it takes to save a life.

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No Kill Sheltering
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